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Sharing on Valentine’s Day

Victory Closets makes custom closet designs that are reconfigurable without tools and can be in all kinds of styles like walk in closets, mudroom storage, pantries, linin closets, and more in the eastern Pennsylvania area.

When you marry someone, you’re signing up for sharing everything with them. Your house, your bed, and your closet. Sharing any space can be difficult but it makes it a little easier when it’s your best friend that you decided to spend the rest of your life with. During the first few years it’s pretty easy to share everything with them. But the longer you’re married, the more annoying it can become. Sharing everything doesn’t have to be annoying! We want to help give you a few tips that will make sharing your closet easier.

Divide but Don’t Conquer

We definitely recommend splitting the space and keeping everything separate. We have met some very easy going, laid back clients along the way that tell us they’ll share everything and they don’t want separate sides. It’s very sweet that they don’t mind sharing but it can lead to some issues down the road. For most couples, one (or both) of you loves to get new clothes or shoes. Or one of you never throws anything away so when their current clothes start to get holes, they get new ones and still keep the old ones.

Either way, you both start out splitting the drawers and hanging sections evenly but over time one of you will slowly begin conquering the other’s space. This normally starts to cause problems in even the most laid back couples. If you insist on sharing the space equally then you should make a pact to throw out old clothes that have been replaced.

Walk In Closet

How to Share

Start by looking at your closet and splitting it in half. With your Victory system, you can make both sides symmetrical or you can make your sides custom to what each one of you needs. If one of you has more clothes than the other and will always have more clothes, don’t be afraid to let them have a little more space than you. It’s also nice that each of you has your own side so that way you can get ready in peace without being in each other’s way. 

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Get a Victory System

A Victory closet system is unlike any other system out there. We have a patented design that allows you to have a completely versatile closet. Once your closet system is installed, you can completely change it around without any tools or hassle. The parts of your system can change between your different sections. So if you want to change your shelves to drawers, you can do that…with no tools. If you want to change shelves to a hanging section, you can do that…with no tools. 

Trust us, it really doesn’t get much easier than that! When you divide your closet space between each other, you both get to change your closet to whatever you want. If she buys more dresses and needs a long hang, then she can have it without disrupting his side!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call and ask. Call or email us today for your free, hassle-free quote!

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