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Kitchen Pantry Systems

Kitchen Pantry Systems

Our walk-in and reach-in kitchen pantry organizers can incorporate rounded corner shelves, adjustable shelving, drawers, and glide-out baskets to help you organize and easily store everything from canned goods and cereal boxes to dishes and small appliances. A Victory Closets pantry system can work wonders when it comes to organizing the pantry spaces that you use every day.

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Clean lines, durable materials and an innovative parts-based system allow us to build, design and install custom closets efficiently to give you a beautiful product at a sensible price.


From walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, and slanted roof storage, our patented custom closet design gives you the versatility to easily reconfigure your closet layout, whenever and however you want, without tools or fasteners.


Forget the stress of committing to a single design. Your Victory Closet has the flexibility to grow and change as your needs change.

Give Your Pantry a Makeover and Say Goodbye to Wire Shelves!

If you ask homeowners how they feel about the builder’s grade wire shelves in their pantries, most will tell you they can’t wait to get rid of them.

No one loves wire shelving in general, but in a pantry it’s just not ideal for storing food items.

Wire shelving is not adjustable, and in a pantry it’s absolutely essential to have versatility with all the different heights and sizes of canned goods, jars, canisters, boxed pasta, spice containers, dishes, small kitchen appliances, and more.

Pantry items on wire shelves will tilt and tip over, fall through the wire, and just look messy and unattractive. You also can’t easily slide cans, jars, or boxes on a wire shelf, and many times, wire shelves are just poorly suited to the weight of the items in your pantry. People get creative to try to fix this challenging problem… they line their pantry’s wire shelves with cardboard, plywood, plastic sheets… We’ve seen it all!

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Kitchen pantries are one of the areas of the home where organization has the greatest impact on your everyday life. It’s such a dramatic difference between a custom Victory Closets pantry and wire shelving!

So how do you get started on transforming your pantry to a beautiful, better organized and more functional space for you and your family?

An experienced Victory Closets designer will take a look at your existing pantry and evaluate your current storage and the shape and size of your space. We’ll listen to your needs and wish list for your custom pantry and design a layout that maximizes your available storage space and is efficient and easy to use.

For walk in pantries, we often recommend our rounded corner shelves to utilize all the corner space and get full access to your items that are stored in the corners. Rounded corner shelves are also a great way to display your small appliances, larger serving dishes, lazy Susans or rotating spice racks, or other items that you want to be easily seen and accessible. The rounded corner shelves give a clean, seamless, beautiful design to your pantry. We don’t use seamed 2-piece corners. Our corner shelves are solid, one-piece, custom-sized shelves to fit any corner space.

Our glide-out wire baskets and soft-close dovetailed wood drawers are a great way to customize your pantry to fit your needs. Vented glide-out baskets are great for produce or easy access to snacks and grab-and-go items.

We can also design around refrigerators, freezers, wine fridges, and even design a special area for a coffee station or appliance counter.

Do you have 9 foot or taller ceilings? Our extended height pantry system provides an additional 14” of upper shelving storage.

Contact us today and get started on your dream pantry transformation!

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