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Answers to Our Most Commonly Asked Questions


Q – What are the advantages of a wall-mounted closet system vs. floor-mounted?

A– It takes less materials to create the same storage. Moldings are not removed, and flooring can easily be replaced later without the hassle of removing your closet system. Check out our blog post on wall-mounted vs. floor-mounted closets for more information.


Q – Can your closet system be used with lower, angled ceilings?

A– Yes, but it depends on the height of your vertical wall; wall height under 48 inches may not be ideal.


Q – Are your closets custom built to my needs?

A– We design and build our closet and storage systems with a selection of our stock parts to fit the customer’s needs. While the system is not completely “custom,” it can accommodate most customers’ individual needs and a wide variety of configurations.


Q – How long does the installation take?

A – On average, most of our closets are installed within a few hours.


Q – Can I purchase additional parts (extra drawers, rods, or shelves) after the closet is installed?

A– Yes, and they are easy to add into your closet system without needing any tools.


Q – How easy is it to reconfigure my closet system once it is installed.

A– VERY EASY! It takes no skill, tools, or fasteners, and you can rearrange your closet whenever needed.


Q – How should I clean my new Victory Closet?

A– The melamine-coated surfaces of your Victory Closets system don’t need a great deal of cleaning. Care of these sealed surfaces is easy, and most require only periodic light dusting.

To clean light dust or dirt from surfaces, gently wipe with a dry or very slightly moistened cotton cloth. To clean dirtier areas or scuffs, clean with a little water and a mild cleaning agent such as dish soap. As with any furniture product, never use excessive water, harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive cleaning pads.