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10 Ways to Help Children Keep an Organized Bedroom

Keeping your children’s bedrooms organized can be a challenging but rewarding task. The truth is, teaching them at a young age how to live in a clutter-free, organized environment is a lesson they will carry the rest of their lives.


Here are some practical ideas to help maintain order in kids’ spaces:

1) Designate Storage Areas

Assign specific storage areas for different types of items, such as bins for toys, shelves for books, and an area for crafts and homework. If space is limited, consider using bed risers and use the space underneath the beds for storing larger items. Clearly label each storage space to help children identify where things belong.

2) Use Storage Solutions

Invest in storage solutions tailored to children, such as colorful bins, book shelves and toy chests. These can make it easier for kids to keep their belongings organized and accessible.

3) Install a Closet System

Closet systems offer additional storage for clothing, shoes and backpacks. They also make staying organized easier. Consider getting drawers installed so you can eliminate their dresser, offering them more space in their room. Finally, choose a closet system with the flexibility to change as they grow. Victory Closets can assist you with this!

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4) Declutter Regularly

Encourage children to declutter their belongings regularly by sorting through toys, clothes, and other items to donate anything they no longer use or need. These are valuable lessons you’ll be teaching. Make it a fun process by turning it into a game or challenge.

5) Create Daily Routines

Establish simple daily routines for tidying up, such as making the bed in the morning, putting away toys before bedtime, and choosing an outfit to wear for the following day. Consistency is key to forming good habits.

6) Set Clear Expectations

Clearly communicate your expectations regarding bedroom organization, including how often they should tidy up and what tasks are their responsibility. Be sure they have everything needed to stay orderly. Provide gentle reminders and praise their efforts.

7) Make Cleanup Fun

Turn tidying up into a fun activity by playing music, setting a timer for a quick cleanup race, or offering small rewards for completing tasks. Positive reinforcement can motivate children to participate willingly.

8) Rotate Toys and Books

Reduce clutter by rotating toys and books on a regular basis. Store some items out of sight and periodically swap them with ones that are currently in use. This can keep the bedroom feeling fresh and exciting.

9) Celebrate Successes

Acknowledge and celebrate your children’s efforts to keep their bedrooms organized. Offer praise and encouragement when they demonstrate responsibility and initiative in maintaining order.

10) Lead by Example

Be a role model for your children by maintaining your own organized spaces and involving them in household chores. Seeing you prioritize organization will encourage them to do the same.

If it’s a priority to help your child with organization skills, Victory Closets can help. Allow us to show you a closet system that will not only help your children stay organized, but will grow with them from pre-schoolers to teens and adults. Our budget-friendly systems will make the best use of their storage space and adapt with their ever-evolving storage needs.

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