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5 Simple Tips for Storing Out of Season Clothes

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Enjoy these 5 tips to make this transition simple, while taking the best care of your clothing.

Dispose of items you didn’t wear

Before beginning the process of storing clothes, take the time to notice what wasn’t worn. Ask yourself why you didn’t wear it and if it’s worth storing them. If you didn’t love it enough to wear it this season, what makes you think next season will be different?

Before storing, ensure items are clean

There’s nothing worse than pulling garments from storage only to find yellow stains on the fabric. These are called oxidation stains and they’re a result of certain chemicals being exposed to oxygen. It’s also important to note that storing clothes with stains on them already will only create darker stains when you pull them out the next season.

The simplest way to avoid those nasty stains is to ensure your items are cleaned prior to storage. Whether you choose to dry clean or launder yourself, only store items you know are thoroughly clean.

Step away from cardboard boxes and choose plastic instead

Because cardboard boxes can’t protect your clothing from humidity, water damage or nasty bugs you’ll want to stay away from them. When it comes to protecting your wardrobe investment, choose plastic bins with a snap on lid. These lids will ensure your clothing is airtight and protect them against the elements. Want to keep clothes smelling fresh? Add a dryer sheet to the container.

If room allows, use garment racks

The ultimate way to store your clothing is to use garment racks with a built-in cover. This approach will keep your items away from dust and bugs, and ensure they look fresh and wrinkle free. Stay away from wire hangers because they can rust and stretch your clothes.

Store items in a cool, dry, dark space

As tempting as it may be to store your clothes in the basement or garage, if those areas are damp they could cause irreparable damage. Be cautious of areas that have direct sunlight as well because it could fade the fabrics. Instead, choose areas in the home that are dark, cool and dry, as it’s the optimal way to protect your wardrobe.

Changing your closet seasonally can assist in feeling better organized and keep your items in excellent condition.

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