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6 Ways Clutter Can Interfere in Your Daily Life

If you think clutter doesn’t have a negative impact on your life, think again. There’s a dark side to having too many things and being disorganized, and it can definitely have an adverse effect on your daily life.

1) Clutter wastes time.

The average person spends roughly 6.5 months looking for missing objects in their lifetime. That equates to almost 5,000 hours! Those numbers can double, and even triple, for those that live in a constant state of clutter. Imagine what could be accomplished during those wasted hours if items were in their place and easy to find.

2) Clutter leads to overspending.

It’s not unusual for those who live with clutter to overspend. Research suggests that impulse buying and emotional purchases happen because a cluttered mind can’t think things through properly. This is a dangerous cycle that can lead to unnecessary spending and even debt.

 3) Clutter ransacks homes.

To put it in the simplest terms, every single thing that goes into a home takes up space. If there’s not an assigned area for each item, it can lead to piles of clutter, overstuffed pantries and closets, and the inability to find storage due to the high volume of things that you own.

 4) Clutter causes undo stress.

A disorderly home tends to get worse as time goes by. It’s a cycle that’s difficult to break. The inability to find things due to the constant need to go through tall piles of paper, as well as constantly stepping over clutter, causes more stress than one might imagine. The Princeton University Neuroscience researchers discovered that cluttered homes impede the ability to focus. Lack of focus causes frustration, wears us down and leads to daily stress.

 5) Clutter depletes energy.

Those that live with clutter continuously remind themselves that they need to get things under control. The problem is, they don’t. Unfinished to-dos, as well as the constant visual reminder of what needs to be done, is an energy zapper.

 6) Clutter robs you of peace.

The brain likes order, so living in a state of chaos removes the peace one would otherwise be enjoying if their home environment were in order. Clutter can affect sleep and increase anxiety levels as well because it can be difficult to rest and relax in chaos. Lack of peace can lead to lack of joy.

Are you ready to tackle clutter?

The first thing to remember is that it’s a process. You begin by taking the first step, and then move on to the second, and so on. It took time to accumulate the items you have, and it will take time to get old habits and disorganization under control. But know that you can bring order back into your living space.

Begin here:

  • Start with one room. This approach will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to tackle the next room.
  • Remove the easy things first. Grab trash bags and boxes to get rid of the obvious items you no longer need. These items will be easy to find and take little thought if they can be tossed.
  • Discard large items. This will show immediate open space and give the sense of fast progress.
  • Now focus on smaller areas. Perhaps the corner of a room, a hutch or drawers. Tackle small areas and be patient with yourself. These are the tedious tasks.
  • Organize what’s left. Place things in a way that makes sense and will be easy to maintain.

One great way to organize is to invest in closet, pantry and laundry room organizers. These systems are meant to double, even triple, your storage space. If you would find this beneficial in your home, contact one of our designers at Victory Closets. We can help you on your journey to bring peace and order to your home.

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