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The Top 5 Must-Haves for a Kid-Friendly Closet

An organized kid-friendly closet not only saves parents time by not having to look for things, but it also teaches your children the benefits of keeping things neat and tidy. It’s a lesson that can make a positive impact for the rest of their lives.

Intrigued? Here are the Top 5 must-have’s for a little one’s closet:

Low Hanging Rods

Ensuring children can easily reach their hanging clothes brings a sense of independence. Not only are they able to choose their clothing and get dressed on their own, they’re also able to hang clothing back up which means less work for parents.

Consider a double-rod system for your child’s room. The lower rod can be used for the current season, while the higher rod houses out-of-season clothes. This will not only double hanging space, but it’s a system they’ll use as they grow.

Adjustable Shelves

When children are young, it’s important to have eye-level shelving. They offer peace of mind to parents because they’ll be assured their little ones won’t climb on something to grab an item that’s out of reach. It’s also a sense of empowerment to children when they help themselves. It builds confidence.

And because little ones grow, being able to adjust the shelving as they get taller is just a wise thing to do.

Built-In Drawers

Adding drawers to a closet organizer is brilliant for two reasons:

  1. In Victory Closets’ case, our systems are mounted to the wall. Gone are the days of anchoring dressers to the wall to prevent tip overs. Simply add drawers to their closet system and eliminate a dresser all together.
  2. Drawers offer a place to contain smaller items such as underwear and socks. They teach children the benefits of being organized, and when drawers are at their level it allows them to pull out and put away their own clothes.

A Hamper

Teaching children to place laundry in a hamper can have a lasting impact as they grow. There’s no reason to have grungy clothing strewn all over a bedroom floor. It causes clutter and removes that peaceful feeling a bedroom should have. An installed hamper teaches the life-lesson that everything has its place, and when followed, life is less chaotic and messy.

A Valet Rod

Never underestimate the benefits of a valet rod. For your child, it teaches them to think ahead by pulling tomorrow’s outfit the night before. It’s not only a time-saver for you in the mornings, but it helps sleepy minds to get dressed faster.


If you’re considering a child’s closet system, or even one for yourself, our associates can help. Reach out and allow us to show you all Victory Closets has to offer.

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