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7 Ways to Cut Pantry Clutter

Decluttering and organizing your pantry can help make meal preparation easier and more efficient. Here are some simple steps to cut the clutter in your pantry:

  1. Remove Expired or Unused Items

    Start by going through all the items in your pantry and discard anything that is expired or no longer usable. Be ruthless in getting rid of items you know you won’t use. If you have non-perishable items that are unopened and not expired, consider donating them to a local food bank or charity.

  2. Group Similar Items

    Group similar items together, such as all canned goods, grains, spices, baking supplies, snacks, etc. This makes it easier to see what you have and helps avoid buying duplicates.

  3. Use Clear Containers and Label Them

    Consider using clear containers or jars to store items like flour, sugar, pasta, or grains. This not only keeps things organized but also allows you to easily see when you’re running low on something. Label the containers so it’s clear for everyone in your household where each item belongs. This maintains organization and makes it easy to find things quickly.

  4. Store Frequently Used Items at Eye Level

    Arrange frequently used items at eye level or within easy reach to save time and effort while cooking or preparing snacks or school lunches.

  5. Ensure You Have the Space Needed

    Utilize storage solutions such as adjustable shelving, drawers, glide-out baskets, or hooks to maximize your storage space and keep things tidy.

  6. Plan Meals Around Pantry Items

    Try to plan your meals around the items in your pantry to use them up and reduce clutter. This not only saves you money, but keeps the area organized.

  7. Limit Stockpiling

    Avoid buying in excess or stockpiling items unless you know you’ll use them within a reasonable time frame. Overbuying can lead to unnecessary clutter and make it difficult to find the items you need.

kitchen pantry with custom shelving

Remember, keeping your pantry organized and clutter-free is an ongoing process. Regular maintenance, and being mindful of what you bring into your pantry, can help you maintain a neat and efficient storage area.

walk in kitchen pantry

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