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4 Tips For Creating Your Dream Closet Design

shoe storage shelving

A closet is deeply personal and a space that may hold some of your favorite items. From clothing and shoes to jewelry and keepsakes, closets provide storage, organization, and order to our homes and lives. But how do you know the best design for your needs? A storage solution like Victory Closets offers endless customization and the ability to change your closet as your needs change, too. But while you’re planning out the design, remember to keep these four tips in mind.

Design with a variety of storage options

This means that your closet should meet many storage needs, not just simply be a space to hang items. From shelves and baskets to custom pullouts and racks, there are far more storage options than you might think. To get you inspired, check out some of the accessory options we offer to see what might suit your lifestyle.

Utilize every aspect of your space

Not only should you utilize the space at eye level but remember to capitalize on all aspects of your closet. From floor storage and vertical upper space to nooks and crannies behind your doors and walls, all spaces can be used if you allow them to. Simple storage options like hooks and pegs can transform an unused area into a whole other storage space.

Combine both hidden storage and open shelving

Don’t be afraid to design your closet with storage solutions that both look beautiful to display your belongings but also offer some coverage for things you may want to keep out of sight. Drawers are great for undergarments or tee shirts you may want to keep away, but shelves can be used to display your favorite shoes, bags, and other items. Functionality meets beauty.

Personalize the space to your style

Remember to have fun with it! Designing your closet doesn’t have to be a chore or something you dread. Choose finishes, colors, and accessories you love that are useful but also reflect your personal style.

If you have other questions about designing your closet space, our team of expert designers is always here to help. Ask us a question or connect with us on your next Victory Closets solution.

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