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5 Storage Mistakes You’re Making That You Can Fix Today

purse storage for closets

Whether you’re working with a ton of space in your closet or you’re maximizing every square foot, there are a few simple storage mistakes you can avoid that will make a huge impact in any closet. These don’t take hours of work each week and are easy to maintain once you get started.

Where do we begin? Let’s take a look at what’s in the closet.

1. Keeping clothing that is out of season anywhere but in storage

If you’re keeping clothing hanging or folded that’s out of season, it’s time to grab a storage bin and clean those items out. From bathing suits in the winter to parka coats in the heat of summer, swapping out your wardrobe each season (or even just for warmer and colder weather) will save you a ton of space. If you have an attic or basement where you can pop the storage bin in until those items are needed, even better!

2. Hanging onto clothes that you don’t wear, don’t fit, or are no longer worn

Much like clothing that is out of season, hanging onto things you simply don’t or can’t wear is unnecessary. We recommend going through your closet once or twice a year and getting rid of those items you no longer want or need. A simple way to stay on top of this is to try on your seasonal wardrobe as you swap out your storage bin each season. If something doesn’t fit, is damaged, or you haven’t worn it recently, try letting it go.

3. Using your regular closet as a storage space

Depending on the size of your space, your current closet may or may not double as additional storage space. If you find your closet full of seasonal decor, unnecessary boxes, and other items that don’t have a home somewhere else, it’s time to take it all out and get to cleaning.

Try organizing your closets by room: kitchen items go in the pantry, seasonal decor may live in the hallway, and clothing and personal items should go in your bedroom closet. Toss old shoe boxes, organize your accessories, and make sure the items that can be stored somewhere are actually are.

4. Not putting away piles

The fastest way to lose track of an organized closet is to let things pile up. While a pile may start as a harmless transfer from the laundry room to the bedroom, not immediately putting things away can lead to this becoming a bad habit. Piles are hard to tackle and hide items you may be searching for. They’re also very easy to knock over, causing you to have to refold or reorganize the same items over and over again.

5. Allowing clutter to get overwhelmingly out of control

When clutter starts, it should quickly be stopped. Get into the habit of cleaning up your closet and putting things away in a routine that works for you. Maybe you can hang up the items you took out of your closet that day each night or dedicate an hour on the weekends to doing laundry and actually putting it all away. Whatever system works for you, stick with it. Or, check out our five tips to help keep you organized for a little inspiration.

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