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The Cost of NOT Having Closet Systems

We get it. Investing in a closet system might not seem like a necessity. But have you thought about what it’s costing you not having an organized closet system in your home?

You’re Wasting Time

Think about what your closet looked like this morning. Now, think about how long it took to select an outfit for today. If you found it difficult to find what you were looking for because your clothes were jammed together, or could barely make your way through a large pile of shoes, you’re wasting valuable time. Time that could be spent enjoying a cup of coffee, or eating breakfast with your family. Most of us feel like we have limited time in our day. Let’s face it, if you’re organized you could get way more done!

You’re Adding Daily Stress

Think about your daily morning routine. When you open your closet door do you feel a sense of peace? If you can’t select an outfit within a minute or two, you’re adding unnecessary stress to your day, and the culprit is usually an unorganized closet. You’re exhausted searching through a sea of clothes, only to discover what you were in search of is in a pile on the floor. You’re tired of thinking you have nothing to wear, when you know you do if you could just get organized. You begin your day feeling stressed, and that robs the rest of the day of productivity.

Your Wardrobe Investment Suffers

Those piles of clothing on the floor, or squeezed together on a single rod, can cause havoc on the clothes themselves too. Fabrics wrinkle and look tattered. Sweaters stretch and threads snag. Shoes get scuffed due to the heap they’re in. It goes without saying that a significant amount of money is put into a wardrobe, yet when it’s not properly taken care of the lifespan of the clothes decreases significantly.


You’re Missing Out on Maximizing Your Home’s Value

When homeowners look for a new home, one of their top requirements is storage. When the space in your closets, not to mention pantry and laundry room, isn’t used to the best of its ability, it shows. Potential buyers see wasted space and disorganization and that could put your home at the bottom of their list compared to homes that have closet systems.

We know there’s a cost to not having closet systems, because we’ve heard them from our customers. Our clients tell us they’re amazed at the time they’ve shaved off their morning routine thanks to our system. They’re astounded at their reduced morning stress when getting dressed. They’re impressed by how much better their clothes look thanks to how they’re now stored. And finally, those that sold their homes were told time and time again how their closet systems made their home stand out and increased its value.

Isn’t it time to look into your own closet system? Let our design experts show you how Victory Closets can make a positive difference in your daily life!

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