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8 Steps to Putting Away Holiday Décor

Traditionally, many people keep their holiday decorations up until January 6th, when the 12 Days of Christmas ends. No matter when you decide to pull down your treasures, inventorying prior to putting away, as well as implementing a few simple ideas, will help ensure easier decorating next year.

1) Before storing anything, go through your storage containers and boxes to see what you haven’t put out the past few years. Updating holiday décor is to be expected, but hanging onto items that no longer serve you adds to unnecessary clutter. Donate the old to make room for the new.

2) Consider clear storage bins. While some use color-coded containers to differentiate what’s being stored, clear containers let you know exactly what’s inside and can eliminate over shopping. A quick glance will help you discover things you may have forgotten.

3) Store ornaments with care. Using plastic cups is an excellent alternative to those expensive storage bins.

4) Use hangers for Christmas lights. There’s nothing worse than tangled lights, so do yourself a favor and wrap those strands to avoid unnecessary headaches next year.

5) Label your garland. If you have multiple strands of garland, add a label to each indicating their assigned location. It will be helpful to know which goes on the mantel verses the stair case in 11 short months.

6) Use a garment bag for gift wrap. Separating holiday gift wrap from other occasion wraps keeps paper pristine, helping to avoid waste due to tears and wrinkles.

7) Is there decor you wish you had, but didn’t? Now is an excellent time to get it. Holiday décor is deeply discounted right now. Get what you need and be ready for next year. Also consider stocking up on wrapping paper, labels and boxes.

8) Keep holiday décor stored in one area. Designating a specific area for your Christmas items keeps you better organized. Need storage space? Victory Closets can offer you adjustable shelving that will work perfectly for all your storage needs. We’ll help you discover exactly what you need to make storage not only orderly, but beautiful.

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