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5 Tips to Keep Pests out of Your Closet

It can be a very unpleasant experience when you find insects in your closet. Not only are they dirty and have the ability to multiply quickly, they can also destroy your clothes. Follow these tips to keep bugs out of your closet.

1) Thoroughly clean your closet 2 times a year

One of your best defenses against those nasty bugs is a clean closet. A thoroughly vacuumed floor, including those areas that are hard to get to are a must because bugs are notorious for hiding in dark corners and in carpet fibers. Wash shelving and drawers, and dust off lighting fixtures.

2) Don’t put dirty clothes in your closet

Because bugs have a keen sense of smell, it’s important to keep soiled clothing out of your closet. Even a splash of juice or wine on a sweater will alert those nasty critters and entice them to populate your closet. They’re also attracted to perfumes, colognes and sweaty body odors. Bottom line, your closet should only hold clean clothes.

3) Ensure handbags and totes are empty before storing

Have you ever reached for a handbag that had been stored, opened it, and found mints, gum, lollipops, cough drops or candy wrappers? Those items are an open invitation for bugs. Before storing any kind of handbag or tote, ensure its empty and shaken out to ensure any leftover crumbs are removed.

4) Keep shoes clean

Smelly sneakers can provide a home for insects. Cut down on those odors by spraying them with a fabric freshener before placing in your closet. You can also launder your shoes, particularly sneakers, according to the care instructions provided.

5) Use sachets of lavender

Dried lavender deters moths, beetles, flies and fleas. An easy way to keep insects away is to place sachets of lavender in your closet. Put some on the floor, on shelves and in drawers. You can also use cotton balls saturated with lavender essential oil if you prefer.

Protect your wardrobe by being proactive. Ensure your closet is fresh and clean year-round by taking these simple steps.

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