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Wall Mounted vs Floor Mounted

When you start looking into closet systems, you’ll see that there are two different types to choose from. There are wall mounted systems which hang on the wall but do not touch the floor and then there are floor mounted systems which sit on the floor. While both look very nice, Victory has chosen to stick with a wall mounted system and here’s why!



The biggest reason we offer a wall mounted system is because it is a lot cheaper than floor mounted systems. It is way below the cost of a floor mounted system simply because it does not use as much material to make and it gets you the same amount of storage space as a floor mounted system! A floor mounted system tends to be built like the cabinetry in your kitchen and if you have ever replaced your kitchen cabinets, then you know how pricey it can get. However, don’t be discouraged that your wall mounted system will not be as beautiful as a floor mounted system. It will look beautiful but simple because our wall mounted system has open shelving which lets your closet look like it has more space. If you have ever watched Fixer Upper on HGTV, then you know how much Johanna Gaines loves her open shelving!


Storage Space

You can get the same amount of storage space with a wall mounted system as you would with a floor mounted system. The floor mounted closet uses material that goes all the way down to the floor. The wall mounted closet does not use as much material and will not go all the way down to the floor. At Victory, we design your closet to maximize the space. We will put hanging clothes on the bottom so that they go all the way down to the floor without touching the floor, thus maximizing the space.


Replace the Floor

One thing that most people do not think about when getting a closet system is whether or not they will need to replace the floor. Most people are more likely to replace the floor before they replace their closet. With a floor mounted system, it is extremely difficult to replace the floor and you will have to take out the closet system. Take this into consideration if you are looking into putting a floor mounted system in and you have old floors that you would like to replace in a few years. However, with a wall mounted system, you can easily access the floor below. This is also great for cleaning your closet because you will be able to clean every nook and cranny of your closet!


Faster Installation

With a wall mounted system you will get a much faster installation. This means less labor so it will be much cheaper!


Why Victory?

Victory is different than most closet companies. Our passion is for the customer and this system was created to eliminate the typical headaches that people get with other closet systems.

We want to be affordable

By using stock parts and a wall mounted system, almost everyone is able to afford getting the custom closet experience because we come in at a much lower price! You will still be working with a designer and we will come and install it for you! Our installations are quick with most closets only taking an hour or so to install and our installations are dust free. Our design process is as simple as:

  1. Send in your measurements with your wish list
  2. We’ll send you a 3D design with an exact install price
  3. Once approved, we’ll install!

Our closet system is completely versatile

To put it simply, once your closet is installed, you could move ALL like sized parts around without any tools or fasteners. It really is simple enough for anyone to move around…take it from a petite pregnant woman!