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The Simple Design

reach-in closet system

Every closet is a different shape and size. Unless you live in a cookie cutter house, you don’t have a cookie clutter closet. Since we all have different sized closets, theres no closet design out there that will work perfectly for every single closet. However, one thing that is the same across the board is what we own. We all have shirts, pants, shoes, and nice outfits. Because of this, let me give you a simple design that would work for almost everyone in their closets.

Victory Closets


We’ll start off with hanging since most of us have shirts or pants that need to be hung. For most people, the majority of space in their closet will be taken up with hanging sections. So depending on the size of your closet, you’ll want a few double hang sections. Double hang sections are the best because you can hang double the amount that you’d hang on a wire shelf and it’s the cheaper route. For most custom closets, you’d have cabinetry in your closet that will go from your floor and will stop just short of your ceiling. We all have cabinets in our kitchens and if you know how expensive it is to change out your cabinets, I’m sure you can only imagine what it would be like to put floor to ceiling cabinets that go all the way around a room. For our double hang sections, it only requires two four foot panels, two shelves, and two rods. Simply put, it costs next to nothing. If you have any longer items like dresses, put in one smaller long hang section since most of us don’t have many! 



Now that we have all of your hanging clothes taken care of, lets move onto shelving. Most people will put items that don’t need to be hung or could get destroyed by hangers on shelves. These items include things like t-shirts, sweat/yoga pants, sweaters, and jeans. For all of these items, you’ll need a few shelves. If you have a larger closet, put a few sections in that are fully shelves. If you have a smaller closet and you need mostly hanging, you can put a four foot panel in with shelves above and hanging below. This will give you a couple of shelves for folded clothes and still have more space for hanging. This will also save you money so it’s a win-win!

shelves and drawers


The next thing you’ll want to add into your closet are drawers. These are for items that you want neatly organized and unseen. You won’t need many drawers in your closet unless you have lots of things to put in them. We recommend starting with 2 per person. You can always add more in later! If you have the extra space in your closet, then up that to 4 per person.

Shoe Shelves

Now that you have your hanging, shelves for clothing, and drawers in place you can start thinking about shoe shelves. Most people need one, maybe two sections (if each person wants one) of shoe shelves. This is the last section to think about because most people are ok with not having shoes in their closet and already have another place for them. However, if you have the space in your closet then you can always put them in!

shoe shelves


If you choose a Victory Closet’s system, you will not be disappointed because you will never be stuck with your design. We cannot tell you how simple it is to change around your closet without any tools or fasteners. Most people don’t believe it until they see it. So check this video out to see it for yourself! Once you’re done watching, call or email us today for your free and absolutely hassle-free quote!

reach-in closet system
victory closets