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Why Blind Corners?

men's closet with valet hook

Some companies use connecting shelves in their corners while others use blind corners. A blind corner is where the shelves in the corner do not touch each other. At Victory, we have chosen to use blind corners and here is why! 

Victory Closets

You get more than shelves:

When you have connecting shelves in the corner you have just that…shelves. That means if you have two corners in your closet, those two corners have to automatically be shelves. If you would like anything else to go into that corner, you will majorly lose space and double your expenses. There are fancy closet accents that can go into the corners that will allow you to hang clothes but they are very costly and will not hold as many clothes as a straight rod will. With blind corners, it is best to have hanging clothes in those corners. This is because you will be able to use every inch of space. We recommend that you put the items you wear less frequently in the corner because one, you won’t have to walk as far into your closet for the items you wear the most, and two, you won’t want to reach back for your favorite items constantly. 

spiral clothes hanging rod

Less expensive:

Not only will you lose space in your closet, but you’ll also pay double the amount to have connecting shelves. This is because it takes more material, labor, and time to connect the shelves together. Hanging sections are the cheapest sections to have in your closet and they tend to be the ones that people need the most. By being able to put them in the corner, that gets you two extra sections of hanging that you wouldn’t be able to have if you were choosing a closet company that connects shelves in the corner and it saves you money! 

The debate on space:

We’ll be honest, there are some people out there that we have given quotes to that can’t wrap their heads around blind corners. They usually don’t understand how they would be gaining space because the closet system does not touch in the corners. Trust me, we can understand why you feel that way because if the closet system does not wrap around the corner and it does not go all the way from the ceiling to the floor, then that means you aren’t using every inch of your closet, right? Nope! It is correct that we are not using as much material as other closet systems so we are saving you money there. But I promise you that we are using every bit of your closet. We hang clothes in the corner and the hangers will just about touch where the next closet section goes. The hangers will not run into or rub up against the other closet system so it will not cause any damage, however, we make sure it is close so you will not lose any space. Perhaps it will be better if you can visualize…

connecting shelves
men's victory closet
blind corner




Ultimately, Victory Closets chooses to use blind corners in order to utilize all of your space, and save you money. This is a versatile closet system that anyone can afford. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews! 


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