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7 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

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Let’s face it – wardrobes are a large investment. Taking on a few new habits can help protect that investment. Below are seven ideas to ensure your clothing looks crisp and new for years to come!

1) Buy Quality Pieces

Higher quality pieces often last longer because they’re made with sturdier fabrics that are constructed with stronger materials such as threads, zippers, buttons and snaps. When considering what quality pieces you might need, think about wardrobe staples. Those are the pieces you reach for over and over and can wear for different occasions, such as pants, skirts, blazers or jackets.

Want quality pieces without the high price tag? Consider looking second hand, or keep an eye out for sales.

Just remember, these pieces are meant to stand the test of time. They will be with you a long time and will end up saving you money because you won’t have to replace them for years.

2) Carry a Stain Stick

Have you ever been to a restaurant and something dripped on your clothing? We’ve all been there. Carrying a stain stick can help to save that garment. The longer you leave a stain, the harder it is to come out. Be proactive and protect your wardrobe investment by getting yourself one of these handy sticks.

3) Wash Less

Don’t panic. We’re not suggesting you wear stinky clothes! What we are saying is the washing cycle can be harsh on your clothing. The fabrics can fade, shrink or even fall apart.

Jeans and sweaters can be worn multiple times before being tossed in the laundry. Items you wore for only a few hours can be hung back up in your closet because most times it didn’t have time to get dirty!

Clothes do need to be washed, but try the 3-wear rule. If your clothes aren’t visibly dirty and odor-free, wear them again. And again! Your wardrobe will not only last longer, but you’ll also save money on the unnecessary use of water, detergent and electricity. Check out our tips on how to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

4) Use Mesh Laundry Bags 

There’s a simple way to preserve your undergarments and other delicate items. Purchase mesh laundry bags. It’s hard for intimates to stand up against heavier fabrics in the wash cycle. Placing them in a mesh bag will extend the lifespan of your items.

These are also wonderful to place children’s socks for washing. No more sock monsters eating socks! (Seriously, how else do they disappear?)

5) Reduce the Amount of Detergent


Laundry detergent, when used in large amounts, can dull clothes and actually reduce their lifespan. Most households are throwing away good money by using more detergent than is needed. Here’s a good rule of thumb to use based on the type of water you have:

  • Soft Water: Because soft water has more washing power than hard water, you can reduce your detergent up to 2/3 to get your items sparkling clean. It’s also recommended that you don’t use fabric softener because your soft water is all the treatment your fabrics will need.
  • Hard Water: Instead of using all detergent, try using ½ the detergent recommended and ½ cup baking soda. Baking soda acts as a detergent booster and will get your clothes just as clean and fresh smelling, if not more.


6) Air-Dry When Possible

Heat can break down elasticity in garments, cause the printing on shirts to crack, as well as shrink some of your favorite items. Air-drying your clothes on a wash line or rack is a much gentler approach that will elongate their life. This approach also prevents static cling. Oh, and did we mention the savings on your electric bill?

7) Store Clothes Properly

How you store your clothing is key to their lifespan. A few simple guidelines can help you enjoy your investments for years to come:

  • Give your clothing breathing space. Avoid large piles of clothes on the floor, and never store them in the bathroom or basement where bacteria can grow. Unworn clothing should always be on a hanger and placed in your closet. This prevents wrinkling and fading.
  • Fold heavy sweaters and place on a shelf. This will eliminate stretching of fabrics that can lead to a ruined garment.
  • Use drawers or baskets for intimate apparel.
  • Choose proper hangers. One of the best ways to ensure your clothing won’t stretch and become distorted is to choose the right hangers. Felt or wooden are your best choices.

Check out our other tips on how to properly store clothing.

Expand Your Closet & Protect Your Wardrobe

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