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Changing the Floors

custom walk in closet with angled ceiling

Are you thinking about redoing the floors in your closet? Are you wondering what type of floor belongs in your closet? Well you are not alone my friend! Like most rooms in the house you can either put hardwood floor or carpet in your closet. Here are a few tips to help you decide which floor you should put in.

hardwood floor and area rug

Bedroom flooring:


What type of flooring are you putting in your bedroom? If you are doing hardwood, then it might be cheaper and easier to just continue the hardwood floor into your closet. If you are doing carpet, then continue the carpet into your closet. This is only helpful advice if your closet is in your bedroom. If it is not then unfortunately, you are back at square one. If you have to walk through your bathroom in order to get to your closet but it is still in your bedroom, then you could choose either one since the bathroom would be breaking it up.

Hardwood flooring:


If you prefer to have hardwood floors, then this is a no brainer. Hardwood looks fantastic and there is no headache about whether you can wear shoes on it or not. That means you can keep all of your shoes together in your closet and you can put them on while you’re getting dressed in the morning. The downside to hardwood flooring is cleaning it. Sure it is easy to sweep and you can even take a Swiffer mop to it but northing will really clean your floors better than getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing it. If you have hardwood floor all over your house, then this can be a real pain in the neck (and back…and knees). 



Some people like a mix of hardwood floors and carpets in their homes. You can do hardwood floors in places like the kitchen, dining room, or living room but nothing beats having carpets in your bedroom. Two benefits to having carpet in your bedroom is one, nothing beats walking onto that soft plush stuff after a long day of work, and two, your feet will stay nice and warm when you get out of bed in the morning. If you continue the carpet into your closet, then your feet will stay warm and comfortable while you change. The downside to carpet in the closet is that most people hate having shoes on their carpets and who can blame them? We walk in dirt and grime all day so who wants that on something they walk around barefoot on in their own home? Carpets are easier to clean because you can go over it with a vacuum and when it really needs a deep cleaning, you can use a shampooer. You won’t have to get on your hands and knees though!

Best of both worlds:

hardwood floor and area rug

There is the simple option of having hardwood floors and putting a nice size area rug around your closet. You can still have something soft and warm to stand on while getting changed but you can also keep your shoes in the closet. It will also make cleaning easier because you can vacuum and mop but both spaces are smaller. The biggest downsize to this is that you’d be spending a lot on that expensive hardwood floor and then spending more on an area rug. It all depends on what is most convenient and comfortable for you!

Changing your floor:

It is always best to change your floor before your closet system is installed. However, with a Victory Closet system, you can simply uninstall it from the wall, replace your floors, then reinstall it. It will be very quick and easy for you to do. At Victory, once your closet system is installed, you will always be able to make changes to the room like rearranging your closet, painting, or changing the floors. That’s exactly what our closet is built for. Change your mind, change your design. 


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