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8 Questions to Ask for Easy Closet Decluttering

Tackling the Closet Clutter

It’s easy to put off decluttering, especially closets because that’s where we tend to throw things to keep them out of sight. Many wonder where to start, and we understand that choosing what stays and what goes can feel daunting.

But wouldn’t it feel great to have an organized closet like the one above? It all begins with your stamina to accept the task at hand and go through your items one by one. To make your decision-making process easier ask yourself the following questions…

Does it fit?

It all begins here. Holding onto clothes in hopes that they eventually fit can bring up negative feelings and take closet space you could use for items you actually enjoy wearing. If donating is too difficult, properly store the clothes in a box and set a reminder to pull them out in 3-6 months to see if they fit.

Is it damaged or stained?

Keeping items on hand for dirty work such as cleaning, painting or gardening is necessary. But will you really wear those other stained items? Are the damaged clothing items worth taking in for repair? And if so, will you really do it? If not, purge them.

Is it comfortable?

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothing. If you have clothes in your closet that you avoid because they don’t feel good, get rid of them. It could be scratchy fabric, elastic that’s too tight, or heels that give you aching feet. Love yourself enough to say goodbye to anything that doesn’t feel great on you.

Do I look good in it?

Life happens and bodies change. What you might have once looked good in now projects an image you don’t want. That’s okay. It served you well for a time and now it’s time to let it go.

Did I wear it in the last year?

You know the drill. Every season you change out your closet and there are those few pieces you give another chance, only to find you didn’t wear it again. If that’s the case, stop the insanity. Don’t put it away for another season when you know full well it won’t get worn. Purge and let it go.

Have I worn it less than 5 times?

Clothing that isn’t worn more than five times should be considered for donation. It could be that you don’t have anywhere to wear it to anymore. Perhaps your style has changed and it’s no longer a top contender. Maybe it was a gift you’re holding onto it because you want to wear it when you’re with the gift giver. Whatever the reason, take this as your official permission to remove it once and for all. It’s taking up real estate in your closet for items you actually wear.

Do I love it?

One way to figure this out is to consider if you’d purchase it today if you’d see it in a store. It’s okay to not love something you once did.

Have you ever made a purchase on a whim and it’s still in your closet with tags on? Welcome to the club! Just remember this … our styles evolve over the years, so let go of items you’re not in love with. Yes, even those with the tags hanging from them. Not loving it means getting rid of it!

Do I own multiples of the same clothing?

Do you really need 6 white tank tops? Is it necessary to own 7 black tees? Will you honestly wear those 11 pairs of jeans? The reality is when we own many of the same things we tend to choose our favorites and the rest are dust collectors. Keep your favorites and donate the rest.

Decluttering closets can feel quite liberating. You’re giving yourself the gift of only the things you love and feel comfortable in. Getting dressed will become a joy because you’ll have a streamlined closet full of the good stuff! You’ll also save time because you’ll have less to look through wondering what you’ll wear.

Want to escalate your closet experience even further? Consider a closet system with Victory Closets. We’re told time and time again that our custom systems help our clients stay organized. Give our team of experts a call.


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