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6 Storage Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

kitchen pantry shelving with food

Does your storage space function for your family’s needs? If not, we completely get it. Finding the space to store your clothes, pantry items, decorations, and more isn’t always easy. While some homes simply allow for more storage than others, we’re sharing 6 simple ways to maximize your space and get those closets organized. 

1.Purge and declutter when possible

For many people, storage becomes a challenge when you simply have too much to store. Instead of getting a bigger space (let’s be realistic), try purging what you have and getting rid of things you no longer need or use. 

A great rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you’ve used or worn something in the last 6 months. If not, you may be ready to rehome the item or give it a toss. Other simple ways to declutter are to get rid of things that are broken, have replacements, or are no longer usable. 

2. Maximize your space

Assess how you’re currently utilizing your space and brainstorm ways to improve on it. If you have a closet that you can’t hang anything in because it’s full but lots of space is available at the bottom, try adding in lower shelves or a dresser. 

3. Get creative with storage options

A specific room functions as that room because you say it does. Just because a guest bedroom may function for when extra individuals are staying at your home doesn’t mean you can’t also use it for an office or storage space. Try to adopt this mindset when it comes to storage throughout your entire home. 

While you want things to be functional and make sense, try to look for creative ways to store things and keep your belongings organized. 

4. Look for unused vertical space

Bookshelves, pegboards, hooks, and other wall storage options are a great way to feel like you have more room in a small space. If you can’t expand your storage outwards, expand upwards! 

5. Be practical with what you keep and store

As you find new room to store things, be sure you’re only storing items you’ll use again. If the item is something you only use once a year, like holiday decorations or a piece of furniture you’re hanging onto for another space, try storing those in areas you won’t need to access frequently like an attic or crawl space. 

Keep easy-to-access storage options available for items that are just that – ones you’ll want easy access to. 

6. Utilize a Victory Closets system in your home! 

If a new organization system seems to make sense in your space, trust Victory Closets to ensure you get the products and set up that you need. Our storage systems are easy to change and update as your storage needs grow and evolve. No tools are needed. 

If you’re looking for a storage option that is flexible and can grow with your needs, we would love to talk with you about Victory Closets. Our affordable, flexible storage systems are a great way to gain storage room and customize space to meet your needs. Get your free quote today!

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