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Why You Should Toss Those Wire Hangers

When is the last time you put serious thought into your hanger choices? Let’s be honest, it’s probably not on the top of your priority list. But truth be told, the care and longevity of your clothing directly correlates with the type of hangers you use. That said, it’s also a fact that many are relying on wire hangers to hang all of their clothing, including jackets and sweaters.

And while we’re pondering hanger choices, let’s question why we would continue using hangers that dry cleaners so freely give away. Sure, they cost nothing. But what kind of support are they really offering? Wardrobes are an investment and the goal should always be to keep that investment as long as possible. The right hanger choices help to do just that.

So let’s take a deep dive into wire hangers and how they affect your clothes. We’ll call it “Wire Hangers 101” …

1) They’re flimsy. Wire hangers can’t support weighted clothes. The hanger bends due to the weight and many times you’ll find your beautiful clothes on the floor rather than the rack

2) They are known to distort fabrics. Due to these hangers being so thin, heavier fabrics can get stretch marks, and particularly affect the shape of the shoulder and neck.

3) They can rust. Unfortunately when this rust happens they leave permanent stains on your garments.

4) They cause wrinkles. Remember those items you find on the floor due to the hanger bending? Those garments are now wrinkled and will need attention before wearing.

5) They snag garments. The twisted wires towards the top of the hanger are notorious for causing damage. They catch, fray, snag and pull anything they come into contact with and it’s simply not worth taking a chance.

To protect your wardrobe investment, choose to use wooden or slim velvet hangers. Not only will it make your closet look better but your clothing will hang evenly, help wrinkles from setting in, and protect your clothing from stretching or falling. This one time investment will protect your clothes for years to come.

Want to step up your hangers AND closet? We offer customized systems to suit your needs. The design process is an experience we’re sure you’ll enjoy! Reach out to our team of experts and let us show you the closet of your dreams!

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