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Transitioning Your Closet Storage From Summer To Fall

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Whether the cooler weather has hit your town yet or not, don’t be fooled: fall is here and ready to stay. With fall comes lots of new items being used and worn in your home. Fall clothing, seasonal home goods, and holiday decor may all be getting used in your home. And if you’re anything like us, packing away your summer clothing, shoes, and items around the house makes sense to keep things organized and accessible.

We’re sharing 4 tips on how to transition your closet storage from summer to fall in the coming weeks. And remember, these tips can be used in your pantry, hallway storage closets, attic, and anywhere else you’re swapping out seasonal items.

1. Decide what seasonal items need to come out of storage and what needs to be packed away.

When it comes to your closet, there are probably seasonal items you wear that can stand to be packed away when the weather changes. If fall means warm sweaters and boots in your daily attire, try packing away shorts and sandals that no longer need a home in your closet. If you have space in your attic or basement, store out-of-season clothing in wardrobe bags or sealed boxes to reduce the clutter in your everyday closet.

2. Sort through things and donate or get rid of anything you’re no longer using or need.

Once your seasonal items are unpacked, use that time to sort through things you wear and things you can stand to get rid of. Because you’re already unpacking your fall and winter items, it doesn’t take much more effort to simply remove the items that you’ve outgrown, that have seen better days, or that you simply no longer wear. For things that can be donated, drop them off at a local shelter or to a friend in need.

Not only does this keep your closet up to date but it also becomes a really easy way to stay on top of the clothing that you own and eliminates the need for a huge purge or wardrobe review.

3. Organize by category.

Whether your closet space is limited or you have lots of room to grow, organizing your closet by category can help maximize the square footage, easily find items you’re looking for, and know exactly what you have to pick from. The categorization is up to you, but we love a color-coded closet or one that is organized by garment type: jeans in one shelve, sweaters in another. The most important step to organizing your closet by category is to choose one that works for you.

4. Allow room to grow and add in your closet.

It’s important not to pack your space to the brim. Give yourself room to grow, because let’s face it. New clothing, jackets, or other items that need to be stored away will come into your home in the future. Try to organize your closet with extra, empty space that will allow your closet to grow without sacrificing the organizing you already did.

Do you have other tips when you transition your closet and storage areas each season? Let us know! Find a system that works for you and adjust accordingly. If you’re in the market for a new organization system, Victory Closets customizable systems can easily grow and transform with your needs. Rebuild and reimagine as frequently as you need.


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