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6 Essentials Every Pantry Needs

A tidy kitchen pantry not only saves time by eliminating the unnecessary search for different items, but also brings peace of mind. Whether you’ve got a large pantry or a smaller kitchen space, consider incorporating the following essentials for a more organized kitchen:

Stackable Food Storage Containers

Because these containers are stackable, you’re able to maximize your storage space. It’s helpful for those containers to be clear so you can see what’s inside. If they aren’t, label them. Store items such as flour, sugars, dry beans, pasta, and rice.

Plastic Bins

Clear bins not only make finding things easier, but also allow your items to be grouped for easy grab n‘ go. For example, wouldn’t it be great to have a snack bin for the kiddos to easily access? What about having a breakfast bin full of cereals, granola and oatmeal? Perhaps a bin with plastic wrap, foil, wax paper and different size baggies would be helpful.


Sturdy baskets offer storage for items you don’t use on a daily basis. You could have a bakeware basket full of cake, pie and muffin tins. Another basket could be filled with baking and frosting mixes, cupcake liners and sprinkles. (Because every cupcake needs sprinkles!)

Lazy Susans

First, apologies to all the Susan’s out there. What a silly name for a turntable. That said, they are so beneficial to have in your pantry. They’re perfect for bottles, condiments and spices. Corners can tend to be wasted space in pantries, so place your lazy susans there. It’s amazing how much you can fit in a small corner thanks to this brilliant invention.

Shelf Steps

Shelf steps allow you to easily see canned goods. No more losing that canned pineapple way in the back of a shelf. These steps keep your pantry organized and looking good. They also assist you in knowing at a glance what needs to be replenished.

Shopping List

Keeping a shopping list in your pantry helps you stay on top of what needs to be refilled. When you use the last of something the list is right there for you to write it down.

So give yourself the gift of an organized pantry! These 6 essentials will make it a place of easy-to-find joy! Looking for a little extra help in making the best use of that pantry space? Contact Victory Closets today to get started on designing that dream kitchen.

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