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Organizing Lingerie Drawers in 5 Simple Steps

Cleaning and organizing lingerie drawers should be done at least twice a year. It allows you to take inventory of what you have and serves as a reminder to what you might need.

These 5 steps show the ease of staying organized:

1) Dump those Drawers

That’s right. Dump everything into one big pile, ensuring you have enough room around that pile to begin separating.

2) Separate by Category

Create piles based on the category of the items. Bras, underwear, camis, shapeware, slips and hosiery each need their own pile.

3) Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

This is an important step because we sometimes hang onto items we no longer need or use. If you see items that no longer fit, or are stained or dingy, let them go. Holes? Toss it. Worn out padding or protruding underwires? Get rid of them. Your goal is to only have items that will fit and serve you well.

4) Create a List of Lingerie You Need

Keep track of what you’re tossing and write down what needs to be replaced. Make it a goal to get them within a week so you have everything needed within arm’s reach and you can fully complete this task.

5) Refill Your Drawers

Begin with bras to ensure there’s plenty of room to lay them out without having to fold the cups inside one another. Inverting the cups can warp them and give you less time to enjoy your investment. Then proceed with the other piles. Finally, tuck a few lavender pouches in the drawers to keep your lingerie smelling fresh.

It’s always a good idea to add a bit of maintenance in between those deep clean outs to ensure your drawers stay organized and looking great. The result of your efforts will be drawers filled only with necessities you know will fit and work for you.

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