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7 Steps to Reduce Back-to-School Stress

If you’re looking for ideas to make back-to-school less stressful, look no further. Follow these 7 tips for a smooth transition in the new school year:

Begin with Your Children’s Bedrooms

Let’s face it, a kid’s room can be a maze to say the least. Sometimes you need a path just to reach their bed. And try not to step on a Lego while getting there! The truth is chaos breeds anxiety, and that can lead to a lack of direction and focus. Start their school year right by helping them get their room organized and tidy. Dispose of trash and items they no longer play with or need and discuss the importance of doing this before the school year begins and why they need to do their best to keep it organized throughout the year.

Take Inventory

Before purchasing anything for the upcoming school year take inventory of what you have at home. That includes paper supplies, notebooks, calculators, lunch boxes, backpacks, clothing and shoes. You might be surprised what turns up when you clean your children’s rooms, let alone what you’ll find in other areas of your home.

Shop with a List

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.” The same is true for back-to-school shopping. It can be so easy to overspend! You’ll more than likely have a list of items needed from the school, as well as a list you’ve personally made of things such as clothing and shoes. Only shop for the items on that list. It can be easy to over do it if you’ve not taken inventory. Make a commitment between you and your children that you’re going to tackle the list and get nothing extra.

Create Closet Space with School in Mind

custom kids closet with hanging clothes

Just as a cluttered room can cause anxiety, so can an unorganized closet. Mornings can be hard enough without having to go digging for clothing and shoes. Take the time now to organize those closets. Remove clothing that no longer fits and organize them so everything is easy to find. A closet system is a great investment for children. They’re able to easily organize and could even use a valet rod to choose their clothing the night before. Victory Closets can help you design the exact closet they need.

Designate a School Basket

A school basket is the place to put papers that need to be signed or where work-from-home projects can be placed. It keeps everything together and is a great solution when it comes to not losing anything important. Put the basket by the door or on the steps with your children’s names on them.

Design a Learning Work Space

At a time where multi-tasking is at a premium (watching television, texting, checking emails, Instagram and TikTok all at the same time) a work space should lend itself to a quiet area where studying is the priority. Whether it be in their bedroom, or a table or desk put in another room, offer them the gift of a space where they can keep their book bags and open up their books to do their homework and study in a peaceful setting.

Practice the New Routine

Give your children 3-4 days to practice the new school routine. Let your kiddos adjust to getting up with their alarm and being dressed and ready by the time they need to head out the door. This will also be a good time to talk about breakfast foods and help them understand the time needed to eat as well. Practice makes perfect!


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