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5 Simple Steps to Decluttering Your Closet in a Flash

If time is limited and a deep closet clean-out isn’t something you have time for, try these 5 quick tips to clearing your closet.

Pull Unsightly Clothes

When we say “unsightly” we’re referring to clothes that have been worn and loved and now it’s time to say good bye. Look for clothes that are missing buttons, or have zippers that don’t work. Stains and holes can deter you from choosing them, so remove them and enjoy the clothes you feel good about wearing.

Let go of Discomfort and the Forgotten

Are you using up closet space for clothes that don’t feel comfortable? Whether they’re too small or large, or the fabric is itchy, life’s too short to be uncomfortable! And what about your forgotten clothes? It’s won’t take long to discover them. They’re the ones that have been hanging in your closet over a year without one single wear. If you didn’t wear it in a year, chances are you never will. Pull them from your closet to give yourself room for those clothes you will wear. We’ve also got tips on how to store out-of-season clothes.

Don’t Forget Shoes

Chances are you can take one look at your shoes and know which pairs are avoided due to discomfort. Those are the first to remove. Then take a quick look at the leather, or fabric, along with the tread and heels of the others. Are they in good shape? Do they coordinate with your clothing? If the answer in no, it’s time to pull them.

Remove Extra Hangers

You might be surprised to see the additional bar space you accumulate when you remove unused hangers. If some of those hangers are wire or from a dry cleaner, bundle them up and take them back to your cleaner. Wire hangers are meant to be tossed and used only for short periods of time. They aren’t good for your clothing. All other hangers can be put in a box for future use.

Toss Outdated and Broken Jewelry

Jewelry styles change just like clothing and shoes. If you’re holding onto jewelry that’s outdated or never worn, it’s time to part with it. As far as broken pieces, if you’re not committed to having them repaired, let them go as well. You might be surprised at how much you’re actually hanging onto and the space you’ll create when they’re removed.

It goes without saying that a quick closet clean-out is better than no clean-out at all. You could tackle each of these tips a day at a time for just 20 minutes and within 5 days you can be feeling better organized and let go of the stress you might feel from a messy, overstocked closet.

If you like the idea of an organized closet, why not invest in a closet system? Closet systems are proven to help you stay organized and clutter-free, saving you time every morning knowing exactly where your items are. No more closet chaos … just peace of mind every time you open the door. Victory Closets is here to help! Contact us for your free 3D Image and quote.

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