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How to Maximize Your Mudroom Storage

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Do you currently have a mudroom or entryway in your home that aids in storage? Maybe you utilize a closet to hang coats, or you have baskets on shelves to store extra home decor. If you don’t already have an area like this, we’re here to help! Maximizing your storage space or creating extra storage that may not already be available to you may be easier than you think. Check out our tips on maximizing these spaces and getting the most out of every square foot in your home. 

Utilizing The Space You Have 

Whether you have an entire space dedicated as a mudroom or no space whatsoever, making the most of what you do have is key. Think of your space like a puzzle, and get creative with how storage components work together. Try mixing cubbies or closets with hanging pegs and shelves. 

It’s also important to think of the types of storage functions that you need. Are you planning to store shoes and small items in your mudroom or do you need an area dedicated to laundry and bottles? While wall hooks are great options for hanging coats or umbrellas, they may not make the most sense in your space. Evaluate what you need the mudroom for and plan accordingly. 

Practical Solutions

Now that you know what types of items you need to find storage solutions for, understanding how each option works will help you pick and choose what best suits your needs. Utilizing the minimal amount of space and maximizing it to its full potential is possible with these simple solutions. 

Wall hooks organize bags, jackets, and other easy to hand items. 

Floor trays and mats on the floor keep mud, snow, or dirt from tracking into your home and make cleanup a breeze.

Benches are a perfect storage solution for extra blankets, pillows, or decor and offer seating to put and take off shoes. They’re also a great spot to place items while you’re coming in and out, like backpacks, purses, or sports bags. 

Open cubbies and shelves give instant access to whatever is stored in a mudroom. If you don’t love the look of open storage, try adding baskets or curtains to these areas. 

Baskets are great for containing several small items such as sports equipment, school supplies, or winter gear.

Keep Things Organized 

If your mudroom allows for the space, assigning each family member specific areas to store their belongings helps things stay where they need to and are easy to access. Each person can then be responsible for keeping their clutter minimal and being accountable for their belongings. If one person’s area is overflowing or messy, you know who to ask to clean up. Individual cubbies, drawers, and boot areas also help kids understand where to store things and can make parents’ lives easier. 

How Victory Closets Can Help

Victory Closet products give you the ease of having a space to store everything without sacrificing appearance or functionality. If you’re unsure how to maximize your space or simply need an all-in-one solution that can grow with you as your needs change, Victory Closets has options for every room and need. To learn more about our products or get in touch with our team, you can contact us today

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