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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Reach-In Closet

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While every home and space may be different, your closest and storage spaces should still be able to fit your needs. Whether you have the space for a walk-in closet or not, you can maximize your space – regardless of square footage.

For those who only have reach-in closet space, we’re sharing 3 ways to make the space of that space you do have. Prepare to love your storage space in a whole new way!

1. Capitalize on vertical space

For small closets, vertical space can be a huge area of untapped potential. Assess where your storage starts and stops. Do you have space in the top of your closet to add a shelf or stack more items? You’ll also want to assess how far down your storage goes. If you’re not utilizing your floor space or lower storage, try rearranging your closet to better utilize these spaces.

2. Utilize pull out shelves and drawers

What types of storage accessories and containers do you have in your closet? For many standard closets, a top shelf and a bar to hang clothing may be the only options. But we recommend you don’t stop there! Victor Closets offers a variety of closet accessories including pull out shelves and pull out drawers. When you reconfigure your space to best suit your needs, the possibilities are endless.

3. Add storage options to your door and walls

If your closet is hidden behind a door or has any wall space inside, these are great areas to utilize for storage. Everything from hooks and hanging baskets to over-the-door racks can help you maximize your space, small or large. Get creative and use any space you have!

Transforming your space

Ready to take your closets from jam-packed and dysfunctional to a space you truly love? Try utilizing vertical space, adding in pull out accessories, and tapping into door and wall space. And if you’re still looking for a more custom solution, Victory Closets is happy to help. Whatever your organization needs, we have customization options that are perfect for you.

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