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How to Create a Stress-free Bedroom in 5 Simple Steps

beautiful bright bedroom

The bedroom should be a space where you feel at home and can sit back and relax. You arrive home after a long day, drop your things at the door, and escape to your room for a breather. Leave your worries at the door, and don’t leave space for any negativity in your bedroom. Your room should be one that you feel at peace in, and with these simple steps, you can take your room from stressful and chaotic to Zen and relaxing.

Step 1: Choose a soothing color scheme

A color scheme will set the tone for your bedroom from the moment you walk in. You’ll want to choose something that feels soothing and relaxing to you. Colors like soft whites, pale blues, and light greens are associated with feelings of relaxation and calmness. While the entire room doesn’t need to be the same color, picking a color scheme that’s cohesive and can be carried throughout your décor, walls, and accents will ensure the room feels put together.

Step 2: Add the right organizational tools for your needs

Even the most relaxing spaces can quickly feel overwhelming if there is too much “stuff” out and about. It’s important to have an organizational system that works both in your space and for your needs. If storage isn’t functional for you right now, consider investing in a system like Victory Closets that will give all of your items a place to live. Don’t stress about clothes being strewn across the bed or open shelves stacked 10-feet high. With Victory Closets, you can pick a design solution that fits your needs, is your style, and matches your bedroom.

Step 3: Pick our serene accents

Accents can take a room from boring and bland to luxe and luxurious. Things like soft bedding, comfy pillows, and textured rugs can all add to your space and make it feel truly you. Remember to keep in mind the color scheme for your room when picking out these items and try to choose things that spark joy in you.

Step 4: Set the mood (lighting)

While lighting can easily be overlooked, it plays a huge role in setting the mood for your room. Harsh bright lights can make your bedroom feel like an office and not enough lighting can make the room less functional. Decide what type of lights you like (hue and brightness) and place them in the appropriate areas. Lights could include overhead can lights, sconces, lamps, or string lights.

Step 5: Relax with scents you love

As you work your way through the five senses, don’t forget to keep your room smelling just as good as it looks. Lighting candles or diffusing essential oils are also easy ways to make your bedroom feel like an at-home spa. Regardless of your style or budget, you can transform your bedroom into a space that feels truly relaxing. Follow our 5 tips and enjoy your stress-free room!

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