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How to Properly Store Your Clothes

folded shirts and hanging jackets in a closet

When it comes to storage, the way you put items in your closet can make a huge impact on how much space you have to work with. When used correctly, you can maximize your space and get the most out of your closet or wardrobe. But if you’re not storing items the right way, you may be wasting valuable space or hindering your own organization.

There are three main ways to store your clothes: rolled, folded, or hung. So what goes where?


This option is perfect for t-shirts, socks, athletic wear, undergarments, and other items that don’t easily wrinkle. The folding or rolling approach provides maximum space for items that don’t need to be hung up or stored in a wrinkle-free way. These items can then be piled in baskets, folded on a shelf, or dropped into lower storage spaces like pull-out drawers.

Many people use the rolled approach for packing a suitcase or bag for travel: they want to maximize that space and pack as much as they can. The idea is the same when it comes to your closet. Rolling items like socks or stockings can also be a huge time saver. Forget the days of searching for unmatched socks or taking extra time to hang items in your closet that didn’t need to go on hangers.


Folding is a great approach for items that require more than a roll but less than a hang. Folder items may wrinkle easier than, say, socks, but they don’t necessarily need to hang upright. Items like pants, jeans, sweaters, and sweatshirts can easily be folded and stacked to make the most of your space. Folding is also great because it can be used for items that go in many storage spaces – from laundry baskets and boxes to drawers and shelves.

We are willing to bet there are items in your closet currently that could use a good fold. Check your inventory to see where you have the most and least amounts of storage space. In many closets, we see people hanging items that can easily be switched to the fold method. Take items off hangers that you can stand to fold and get to stacking.

If you get frustrated not being able to see all of the clothing in your wardrobe, we encourage you to folder items in a drawer horizontally instead of vertically. This means that instead of stacking your shirts one on top of the other, try placing them beside each other so all items are visible when you look in.


We like to reserve hanging space for items that need it the most. Things like dresses, formal pants, suits, blazers, and other easily wrinkled items should go on hangers. Whether you hang items based on the type of clothing or you take a color-coded approach, use a system that makes sense to you. We also recommend investing in hangers that won’t ruin your items. Try thick wood or velvet hangers instead of thin, wire ones.

Now, let’s get to organizing! If you have other questions about maximizing your space or need a storage system custom to you, get in touch with our team today. We would love to learn more about your needs and offer a solution that gives you the closet of your dreams.

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