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5 Steps to an Organized Coat Closet

Let’s face it, sometimes our coat closet can feel more like a dumping ground than its actual intended use. If you’re finding your closet is stuffed to the max, it’s time to get organized. So how can you make the most of your available space? Here are some tips:

1) Install Double-Hanging Rods: Installing a second rod creates more hanging space for your coats and vests. The additional rod space also allows you to keep hanging space open for jackets when company arrives.

coat closet with double doors

2) Utilize Shelf Space: First, eliminate what doesn’t belong on those shelves. If your coat closet contains items that are anything other than outdoor wear, it’s time to find a more suitable place for them. The goal is to open up shelf space to accommodate outdoor necessities.

3) Use Labeled Baskets and Bins: Save time by using labeled baskets or bins for smaller items such as gloves, hats and scarves. This keeps everything in one place and makes finding what you need a snap. You could also create a basket for each family member. This is where they could store all of their items and easily get to them when needed.

4) Keep a Bin on the Floor: Having a bin (or two) on the floor serves as a great catch-all for shoes, rainboots, umbrellas or sports gear. Make it a goal to keep the floor clear of clutter because once something lands on the floor it’s easy to toss other items on top.

5) Incorporate Seasonal Rotation: Rotating your coats and jackets seasonally keep things neat and tidy. Store off-season items at another location, allowing for a more functional and well-organized closet.

When you transform your coat closet into its true purpose, you’re essentially keeping the rest of your home tidy. Imagine your surroundings being free of jackets and coats, and the time savings of being able to easily locate what’s needed before heading out for the day.

If your coat closet is in need of additional storage, consider getting a custom closet system by Victory Closets. We use every inch of space and work with closets of any size. Allow us to demonstrate how we could essentially double your coat closet space while doing it beautifully and affordably.

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