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5 Signs Clutter Has Taken Over Your Home

Having a cluttered home can take up mental space that tends to be harmful psychologically. But how do you know if you’re home is cluttered? Take a look at these signs and decide for yourself:

1) You can’t easily find things

Ben Franklin once said, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s the ideal way to stay organized, but when clutter has taken over your home it can feel impossible to assign places for different things.

If you’re constantly looking for items, you’re wasting valuable time you could be spending with loved ones. In fact, what your loved ones are experiencing is your frustration as you tear your home apart.

Think about the essentials you tend to look for. Perhaps it’s your keys, glasses and the remote control. Then look throughout your home for the most logical place to find those items and begin the habit of placing them at that location. Make it fun by finding decorative containers to place them in. Then give yourself time to get into the habit. We promise it won’t take long!

2) You’re frantically cleaning before guests arrive

We call it the “throw everything in the closet and we’ll deal with it later” scramble. If your home is in need of drastic clutter busting before guests arrive, it might be time to evaluate what needs to be stored, tossed or donated.

3) Flat surfaces are used for storage

Are you finding piles of papers on every flat surface of your home? Do your counters look more like a mail center? Has the décor on your tables been replaced with magazines, books and papers? Unfortunately when this happens, the idea of going through those piles seems daunting. But truth be told, it’s going to have to be tackled eventually.

To make this chore easier, create three piles. Your first pile is for bills, the second is documents you need to keep and the third is papers to toss. If you have magazines you’ve been holding onto because you’re waiting to read a few articles, tear those specific pages out discard the rest. Then find the place in your home that will secure these papers and get them out of sight.

4) Your junk drawer has multiplied

Has your junk drawer turned into several drawers? And when you open those drawers can you find what you’re looking for? If not, it’s time to tackle the chaos. Simply empty those drawers and discard what you don’t need. Do you really need coupons that expired in 2020? You might be surprised at how much you throw away. Then, use small bins to create a drawer that’s filled with those easy to find necessities.

5) Cabinets and closets are overstuffed

Every home has closet and cabinet space to tuck items out of view. But when you run out of room the cramming begins, which only exasperates the clutter stress. But what happens when you want and need these items? It might be time to find an organizing system that gives you more space for those must-haves. One of the best ways to reduce overwhelming clutter is to first decide what items you don’t need and then find a better way to store what you do. Cabinets bode well with containers labeled with their belongings. Closets that are equipped with closet systems offer more storage, allowing you to disperse your items in a way that is no nonsense and visually appealing. Your days of endless searching are replaced by stress-free organization that saves you time.


If you’re ready to tackle clutter and find a system that works for you, consider a closet organizing system with Victory Closets. We offer quality, affordability and peace of mind. Our team of experts is ready to show you how our flexible systems can meet your needs and make life easier.


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