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Six Must-Dos Before Washing Your Clothes

We invest a great deal of money into our wardrobe, so doesn’t it make sense to take care of them to keep them looking new? Extending the life of your clothes will not only help your budget, but it will also free up our landfills of clothing that could have had many more years of use and enjoyment.

When it comes to giving your clothing your all, follow these six simple steps. Make them a habit during laundry day and before you know it, you’ll have bright, vibrant pieces waiting to be worn.

1. Sort, then Sort Again

Every time you wash clothes, fabric dye releases into the water. That’s why washing darks and lights together causes dingy appearing clothes. Ensure you’re sorting according to colors. Separate into 4 categories: white, light colors, colorful and dark. Then when you have your piles by color, do another sort separating heavily soiled items and delicates which should have their own wash load.


2. Treat, then Pretreat Stains

When sauce, food or beverages make their way to your clothes the key is to act fast. Dab the area with cold water and a white cloth. Do this over and over until you have removed most, or all of the stain. If oil is the culprit, sprinkle the area with cornstarch and remove after 15 minutes. When able, apply a stain remover and allow it to sit on the fabric at least one hour before washing.


3. Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

A simple way to extend the life of your clothes is to ensure they’re ready to be washed. This is where paying attention to details pays off. This means emptying pockets (an unfound pen can cause irreparable damage), zipping zippers, securing Velcro, closing snaps, unrolling cuffs and un-bunching socks.

4. Treat Delicates Delicately

Placing delicate items such as bras, panties, scarves and stockings in mesh bags prevents wear and tear, as well as fabric damage, during the spin cycle.


5. Turn Clothes Inside Out

Cotton shirts, tees and sweatshirts with graphics, and sweaters should be turned inside out to prevent pilling and graphic damage. Denim jeans need to be turned inside out as well to limit dye bleeds.

6. Presoak When Necessary

Using a washer, utility sink or bucket, presoak heavily soiled items and clothing with odors for one hour using an enzyme detergent in water. This helps loosen stains that have had time to set, as well as remove odors.


Taking care of your wardrobe investment is just a smart thing to do. Did you know how you store your clothes also makes a difference in the life of your clothing? Jammed closets don’t allow fabrics to breathe, and causes unnecessary wrinkles as well. If your closet could use a system that offers more space, look no further than Victory Closets. We offer both quality and affordability and will design a closet system specific to your needs. Reach out today to set up a free consultation!

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